It is obvious that the torpedoes were and still remain basic and the most effective antisub-marine and antisurface weapon. Nowadays the torpedoes are deployed from multipurpose sub-marines, surface ships and antisubmarine aircrafts.

The worldwide-recognized advantages of the torpedoes are their high kill probability and perfect security when used from submarines which makes the subs really stealth.

Development of torpedoes is an important activity of the Concern “Sea Underwater Weapon - Gidropribor”. Suffice it to say that almost all postwar Soviet and Russian torpedoes were developed by the Concern or with its direct assistance. Among the products are the light-weight antisubmarine torpedoes of 324 mm and 400 mm caliber, single-purpose (either antisub-marine or antisurface) and multi-purpose torpedoes of 533 mm caliber, and the world’s most powerful torpedo of 650 mm caliber. 

A number of the torpedoes have been supplied to foreign customers. 

The Concern-produced torpedoes are notable for their high combat efficiency, reliability, usability and high improvement potential.

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